What is external wall insulation?

Insulation of external walls is a thermal insulation system that protects the building against heat loss. Its correct application is perfect for any type of real estate, regardless of its purpose. It is worth paying special attention to the huge advantages that are associated with investment in insulation, because there are really many of them. The basic issue is, of course, the guarantee of keeping the heat inside the building, and thus significantly increasing the comfort of everyday life. Few of us are aware of the fact that raw, insulated walls absorb up to 45% of the heat obtained by electric heating, which is associated with the generation of higher and higher bills for energy consumption. Economic aspects are a priority for most of us, which very often affects our decisions. So in the case of the prospect of saving a pretty decent amount on monthly bills, the idea of ​​investing in insulation of external walls seems to make more sense to us.

What does the process of installing look like external wall insulation?

Installation of external wall insulation requires professional knowledge of British building law, experience, practice and high manual skills. The first stage is the appropriate preparation of the walls with a binder, then the insulation board layer is fastened, which is mechanically fixed with varnish. The next step is the installation of a protective mesh, on which another layer of varnish is laid, followed by rendering and optionally painting the facade, depending on the individual needs of the customer. The whole process takes several weeks and requires great accuracy and reliability, because unprofessional installation of insulation of external walls can cause the lack of adequate air circulation, defects in insulation boards and the absorption of moisture and the growth of mold and bacteria. Therefore, it is worth deciding to install a specialist company that provides comprehensive services and has experience in installing external wall insulation.

How to make insulation of external walls durable?

When deciding on the installation of external wall insulation, it is worth paying attention to several key aspects that can affect the lifetime of all insulation. Of course, the basic principle is entrusting the assembly to qualified specialists who thoroughly and reliably deal with the commissioned service. An excellent solution is also taking care of high-quality materials that show resistance to moisture, low or high temperature and the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Iffor the installation of external wall insulation we use low quality products, we can expect problems with moisture absorption and durability of the entire insulation system. It is also worth finishing the entire facade with high-performance render, which is very durable and resistant to scratches or cracks, thanks to which we will gain absolute certainty of perfect reinforcement of the insulation of external walls.

Why refresh the insulation of external walls?

Insulation of external walls, like any kind of insulation and refreshment of the facade, can get dirty over the years, and the outer layers may be slightly damaged or cracked. So it is worth observing the condition of the entire facade from time to time and ensure regular repairs or refreshment. Small cracks, which we ignore, can cause the formation of new ones and deepen them enough that moisture will have free access to the insulation layer, which will disturb the entire insulation system. If you notice any scratches, dents or cavities, you should immediately renovate or hire a professional company that will properly and accurately refresh and maintain the entire insulation of the external walls.

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