Planning a Family Foreign Holiday – Tips from the Pros

Taking the family on a foreign holiday can be very stressful, what with organising the kids and making sure you have your passports, air tickets and visas at hand. Flying to the US or the Far East can be a very draining experience when travelling alone, yet with the family in tow, it can be very stressful, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how to avoid stress when taking the family on a foreign holiday.

  • Minimise Travelling Stress– This can easily be achieved by searching online for cheap airport transfers in Plymouth, who will collect you and all your luggage at home and then drop you at the terminal building, leaving you without the worry of parking the car. Make sure you book for the return journey, as there is nothing more stressful than trying to negotiate transport home with the family in tow.
  • Be Prepared– Kids usually love flying, yet sitting for long periods can be very boring, so make sure your kids have ample entertainment, which might come from a Game Boy or a few card games. Of course, the airline offers in-flight entertainment, and in most cases, this is sufficient, but you should always have something as a back up. If anyone suffers from motion sickness, make sure they take medication as prescribed.

Airport transfers take the strain out of arriving at the airport on time, and with a little preparation, you will be ready for a much needed holiday in the sun.


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